Imagine Worcester #93 Karen E. Ludington

Virginia Swain is the host of Imagine Worcester and the World, your source for local and global interviews with peacemakers around the world. Virgina Swain interviews Karen E. Ludington, M.Ed., J.D. President and CEO of Children’s Friend, is a private, not-for-profit agency that has been serving children and families since 1849. Their current services reflect the complex needs of contemporary families. Programs are designed to improve family relationships, ensure effective parenting and protection of children, enable young people struggling with mental and behavioral problems or grief to reach their full potentials, and help create within each family an environment where children can grow into healthy, educated and responsible members of the community. Children’s Friend is accredited by the Council on Accreditation, an international body that sets standards for child and family service agencies. Karen says, “If you asked me to sum up what Children’s Friend stands for in only four words, I’d say “caring, quality, collegiality and integrity.” It’s a great place to seek help and a wonderful place to work. We invite you to learn all about Children’s Friend, its remarkable history, and its current contributions to our community.” For more,go to

Posted October 8th 2013 6:08pm.

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