Black Legacy Presents #1

Black Legacy Presents is a production of the Black Legacy Coalition, a volunteer group looking to help make Worcester a city where the broader Black community thrives. Narrated by Nathan Allen, you will see a number of discussions including "N-word in the NFL" hosted by Chantel Bethea with panelists Sha-Asia, Donte McKeiver, Mike Jerry, and me . Mike will also be filling people in on the upcoming "Saving Our Men Basketball Tournament" by Mosaic Cultural Complex and Dontae Mckeiver will be speaking about a march at the statehouse for youth employment. In addition, you will see the first of some of our regular segments that include "Keith's Corner" where Keith Scott gets to give you his perspective on important items in 60 seconds, Trooper Joe's history segment - this episode he presents an African American folktale, and our Local Performer/Artist Spotlight is with Francesca Abbey aka FreeSpirit SpringCloud . We have included some films to help introduce the work of Black Legacy to folks that are unfamiliar including a spotlight piece on our work over the past few years and a great documentary created by the Black Legacy Youth group titled "School House to Jail House". Special thanks to Thomas Doughton, Jacky R. Pickett, Jennifer Gaskin and Robert Anderson for contributing the local footage and pictures that make-up our introduction. Who is producing Black Legacy Presents? In no particular order we include: Parlee Jones, Nathan Allen, Chantel Bethea, Trooper Joe, Keith Scott, Sha-Asia, Jhan LaTulippe, Sal Jolly, Michelle J Bates, and Keesha . Send your ideas to any of us or email us at

Posted March 27th 2014 4:50pm.

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