Black Legacy #9

Black Legacy Presents is a production of the Black Legacy Coalition, a volunteer group looking to help make Worcester a city where the broader Black community thrives. We are spotlighting community organizing. Join us and learn about the Triumph! series which will occur throughout the month of February to honor our Black Military: Unsung Hero's. Stacey Luster shares all of the events from the art series, to the events at the Worcester Public Library, Worcester Historical Museum, and the Worcester Antiquarian Society - just to name a few. Parlee Jones shares a calendar of events that you will definitely add to your schedule. Keith Scott talks with William S. Coleman III about two influential politicians he can learn from. Trooper Joe brings us deeper into the history of the Buffalo Soldiers; and Nate and Trooper introduce us to a great boxing gym, Camp Get Right that is a great resource in the community. Shout out to Fabian Glenn who kicks it all off.

Posted January 20th 2015 7:21pm.

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