Black Legacy Presents #8

Black Legacy Presents is a production of the Black Legacy Coalition, a volunteer group looking to help make Worcester a city where the broader Black community thrives. We are spotlighting community organizing. Meet Solange Bayard and Jasmine Khubchandani, local 2nd year medical students that organized to bring attention to police encounters ending in the death of unarmed Black men in our country through the Tombstone Exhibit; hear Black Legacy reflect on our own organizing challenges, successes, and hopes; and the Roundtable discussion with Parlee Jones, Fabian Glenn, and Trooper Joe look at whether community organizing is still an effective strategy to bring about change. In addition, we meet a new business owner, Rob Evans, as we learn about his newly opened Addie Lee’s Soul Food restaurant on Main Street; and Trooper Joe continues to educate us about the major role Black men and women have had in our nations military. Special thanks to FreeSpirit SpringCloud for jumping in and helping during the filming.

Posted November 13th 2014 3:46pm.

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